The Face of the Dollar

The Face of the Dollar

The United States dollar ranks as the most used currency in the world; however, this wasn't always the case. The history of the US currency is worth exploring if we want to understand our ever-changing monetary policy and fluctuating markets. We can look at how the dollar became what it is today- from a colonial currency to its current status as the global standard. The dollar ranks as the currency of choice in modern international trade. For decades, the US has funded its military around the world using the dollar. How was life before the creation of the dollar? What events led up to it?

We can explore the origin of the "Mighty Dollar" from its creation in 1792 through today. The US dollar was initially known as the Spanish milled dollar; it was minted in Mexico City in the mid-1600s. The dollar was initially designed to be used throughout the Spanish empire. Still, after the British colonists won the War of Independence from Great Britain, they took over the minting of the Spanish milled dollar in America. Over time, people began to call these coins "American dollars;" distinguishing them from other dollars circulating Europe at the time. What about the face of the dollar? This is a unique, intriguing question that has puzzled many for countless decades.

Well, George Washington was the first President of the United States. He served from 1789 until 1797. Washington served as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army- this was during the Revolutionary War that eventually established independence from Great Britain. Later, Washington took office as the first President, leading his country through a difficult time of crisis. George Washington is regarded as one of America's greatest heroes. He was a man who seemed to have it all together, but behind the scenes, there were challenges.

The fascinating story of George Washington has been told for centuries. He's famous as America's founding father. Some say he created more jobs than most other US presidents. Indeed, many regard the man as America's greatest hero. He earned the "Founding Father" accolades from his service during the Revolutionary War and his presidency. Thus, he is an important historical figure in America's annals.

George Washington led and inspired many nations; for this, the first president of the United States is remembered as a great leader. A genius regarding military strategy and a gifted leader, much like his illustrious father, he inspired great confidence in his troops. Washington was born into a wealthy family of Virginia plantation owners. He was among ten children born to Augustine and Mary Ball Washington. However, he became an orphan at age ten and grew up in Virginia's Westmoreland County.

Although Washington was born in a small farming town, his family moved to his father's Miami-area plantation at Ferry Farm, where he started school. President Washington never called himself a "farmer" on the same level as many of his predecessors, even though they also grew crops. Instead, he admired farmers who could clear land and save it from being used for other purposes, such as grazing or overhunting.

As such, Washington was a farmer and businessman who later served as President. He was a politician and military leader who helped establish American democracy during the American Revolution. He was a soldier, statesman, and hero in the Revolutionary War; he eventually led the Continental Army to victory.

Interestingly, George Washington wasn't a founding member of the US government as it is commonly believed. Instead, he became President due to an act of Congress passed by that body in 1787. The Congress appointed him commander-in-chief of the colonial army established by the act. The first portrait of George Washington was painted by his nephew, Charles Wilson Peale. It depicts him in a classic pose, with his left hand supporting his chin and looking at the viewer with his right arm resting on the shoulder. The painting was likely commissioned at Washington's request and painted as a refreshment to celebrate the completion of the Bunker Hill monument.

Today, the US dollar is America's official currency. It is one of the world's most traded currencies. Now is probably the best time in the last decade to book your dream holiday while the exchange rates are super high against almost all other currencies, go enjoy that trip you deserve, meet some cool people and take advantage of the global nomad remote working revolution.