Things to Do and See in San Francisco

usa San Francisco trip
The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in San Francisco and a must-see when you visit the city. As you get enthralled by the magnificence of the bridge, you'll get some heartwarming flashbacks of the TV show Full House. Walking or biking across the bridge is an unmissable experience. From the east side walkway, you can take in the soaring 746-foot towers, the city skyline, the Marin Headlands and the Pacific Ocean stretching to the horixon.

Check out Crissy Field on the northern end of San Francisco for a view and a trip that haunt you for a long time. What is hot at the moment is the new Bay Bridge, so make sure you check it out as well.

San Francisco has a vibrant artistic community, so there are plenty of sculptures and pieces of art to check. There are also great bands performing regularly.

Take a stroll along the neighborhoods in souther San Francisco - such as Mission -, get ready to be impressed by the Coit Tower or the Transamerica Tower, one of the tallest in San Francisco, that is why it is recommended to check it out from street level. Talk about heights, don't miss the Twin Peaks, one of San Francisco's highest neighborhoods.

However, Downtown San Francisco better be on your list as well as Sutro Tower - one of San Francisco's most interesting landmarks.

With its hills and valleys, San Francisco is a jewel when it comes to views and one of the places where you can admire sights is on a Bay Area Caltrain ride. Alternatively, you can get a view of the whole city from somewhere up on a hill.

With a sinfully delicious array of organic fruit and vegetables, and gourmet goodies from olive oils, meat, cheese and bread to chocolate, jams and flowers, Ferry Building Marketplace is a foodie's paradise.

The First Time in NYC

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Once you get to the airport, you probably want to make to it to the city as quick as possible. Well, the taxi might not be your best option since the queue is endless. It's probably the longest line to get a taxi you'll see ever.

If you are on a budget you can live on pizza and hot dogs. They are cheap and there is one vendor in every corner. In fact, hot dogs are sold on street vendors conveniently located next to the city's landmarks. Plus, New York pizza and hot dogs are delicious! And the bagels - the best ever, and they make for a typical New York breakfast with cream cheese.

Since taxi drivers are always working and transport tons of people each day, they are pretty jaded, so don't even try to make small talk, they are not up for it. Just get in, give directions, pay the fare and get away as soon as possible.

Especially on high season, crowds of people flock the sidewalks and they are not moving out of the way when you walk past them - part of the NY attitude. If you have any issues with people being too close to you, then perhaps NYC is not the city for you, or you'll need to have a chamomile tea first thing in the morning.

You are going to pay a fortune for a hotel room that is the size of a closet. That is why young travellers opt for hostels which are pretty cool. There is even a pink hostel that is only for girls and they even have a barbecue on the 4th of July for free. Food and drinks for free in NYC, well that's pretty rare so it is fantastic. You won't get that in a hotel, they will charge you for everything you take from the minibar, add some tax to it and assault your credit card.

You'll probably be tempted to stare at the squirrels running around the streets for hours, and that is how New Yorkers will tell your a tourist, apart from the I love NYC t-shirts, the maps and the big old camera.

If you it's your first time in NYC, you definitely have to try a cronut which is a combination of croissants and doughnuts. Just imagine how many calories that has. Just a boom for your stomach, but yet so worth it! Good be a good time to take a trip  at the coming up is COFFEE FEST NEW YORK 2020. Sun, Mar 8 – Tue, Mar 10.

If you happen to be there during the fall, you'll be mesmerised by the colours of the leaves. The velvet trees will simply take your breath away. Then you can kick the leaves on the ground or lie down on your back over the leaves and make the shape of an angel.

Things that only happen in LA

Los Angeles usa trip
Thanks to the influence of the Mexican community, Americans can be thankful for Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and nachos. Well, L.A. is the only place where you'll get 23-hour taco delivery service. So write down the number, and keep it safe in case you find yourself hungry and craving some tacos in the middle of the night. If you already like this idea, wait until you find the burritos vending machine, offering up to five kinds of hot burritos.

Perhaps in L.A. you have more chances of seeing a Ferrari being towed away than anywhere else in the world. There's a concentration of them in this city. But if that surprises, wait until you see a Mercedes Benz being used as a learner's vehicle. However, you can also find other types of transportation such as a bicycle and L.A. is the only place where you'll get free bike valet.

L.A. is full of eccentric people and some of them have pets such as iguanas. Well, be ready to see some lizards getting the high class treatment and being pampered like celebrities as they chill on fashionable couches.

You can also buy maps to the celebrities' houses almost in every corner.

People in L.A. care about body image and that is why they work out - they work out in the park, on the sidewalk, along the beach, upside down... Yup, they practice yoga hanging from some ropes. At least it provides some entertainment to the passerby who is already feeling bad for being lazy.

In L.A. you'll also find a unique institution of higher learning - In N Out University, the only academic institution named after a burger franchise.

L.A. is where all the acting jobs are and there you'll find the most curious ads for acting jobs. For instance, it's not uncommon to come across an ad with a job for overweight pets.

November 2019 Thanksgiving Day Parade

November Thanksgiving Day Parade
Every fourth Thursday in November giant helium-filled balloons shaped like popular cartoon heroes float above the streets of New York City in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The popular event is organised by Macy's, a mid-range to upscale chain of department stores, every year. This 2019 was the 93rd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade featured celebrity performances by Idina Menzel, Lea Michele, Billy Porter, Kelly Rowland, Black Eyed Peas, TLC, Ashanti, Ciara, Ozuna, Jimmy Fallon, Celine Dion, NCT 127 and many more.

Masses of people flood to the streets of Manhattan to watch the balloons shaped like Manga characters, Ultraman, Buzz Lightyear, Snoopy and pals etc. The parade also features live music and other performances by celebrities aboard travelling floats.

College and high school marching bands from across the country also take part in the parade. Cheerleaders and dancers chosen by the National Cheerleaders Association from various high school across the country march down the streets. Likewise, the Radio City Rockettes are a classic performance. As a symbol of the imminent Christmas and holiday season, the figure of Santa Claus concludes the parade.

The parade starts at 9am, but people start arriving three hours before to get a good viewing spot, namely the area between 61st and 72nd streets on Central Park West. The even lasts three hours.

The parade starts in 77th street and Central Park then continues west to Columbus Circle in 59th street. Next, they march in Broadway to 34th street and Macy's Herald Square ending on 7th avenue. The streets that are part of the parade route are closed to traffic during the event.

The tradition dates back to 1924 and ties as second oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States along with America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. Both parades are four years younger than the 6abc Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia.

2020 Sundance Film Festival


Sundance Film Festival usa trip

2020 Sundance Film Festival will begin on Thursday, January 23 and ends on Sunday, February 2. The USA is where the silver screen was born. Nothing says Hollywood glamour like the old school movie reels of films like Gigi, From Here to Eternity and There's No Business Like Show Business. And who could forget matinee idols like James Dean, Cary Grant and Errol Flynn? They are etched into the conscious of USA life. The films of this era were broadcast all over the world and created a style and mythology which has lingered up until today. Now movie stars are idolised like gods. Founded by Robert Redford, Sundance Institute is a nonprofit organization that actively advances the work of independent storytellers in film and theatre. 2019 Sundance Film Festival was on Thursday, January 24 and ended on Sunday, February 3.

The award ceremonies for film stars have a very prodigious background, like the older and more traditional ceremonies like the Oscars to more underground ones. They exude the quintessential style that is so obvious in Hollywood flicks and film noir from the 50s. But one that is particularly important to the film making elite, the glitterati of the sunset strip, is the Sundance Film Festival.
Sundance started out under another moniker in Salt Lake City in '78, and back then it was known as the Utah/US Film Festival. This was more an effort to publicise Utah to potential directors and producers and to advertise its locations for shoots. But it was in '85 when the modern day Sundance we know and love came to fruition after Sterling Van Wagenen took over management and changed the name.
Sundance stands alone, because it is the largest independent cinema festival in the USA. And you can guarantee top quality judges and discernment when even the founder and chairperson is a Hollywood A-lister and legend of the screen, Robert Redford. It has a very good reputation for celebrating the work of American and International filmmakers, particularly work that is not of the mainstream.
The World Cinema competitions at Sundance are dedicated to the discovery of new films and new voices from around the world. Sundance Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the Institute seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.

Celebrating independence, creativity and risk-taking, the Sundance Film Festival plays a vital role in identifying emerging international talent and connecting them with audiences and industry in the United States.
The festival occurs annually in the month of January brings together a list of categories for dramatic and documentary movies made in the USA and abroad. Using the Sundance Film Festival as a springboard, the Sundance Institute has done lots of excellent work in the creative community for aspiring filmmakers.

September Life is Beautiful Festival 2020

September Life is Beautiful Festival 2020
What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas anymore ever since an extraordinary event has captured the attention of music lovers around the world. Life is Beautiful Festival may be a newbie, but it has gathered legendary musicians that would turn any other festival in the world green with envy. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL was born in 2013 as part of the major transformation of Downtown Las Vegas as a cultural hub. During the three-day event, the best music acts, artists, thinkers, culinary talent and festival-goers flow into the urban streets of DTLV. To date, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL has contributed over $350 million of economic impact to Downtown Las Vegas and was nominated for “Music Festival of the Year” by Billboard Live. The next one will be 18-20 September 2020.

One of the best modern bands in the world The Killers headlined this exhilarating event LAST YEAR. Indeed, the festivals' organisers couldn't have chosen a more ideal group to rock Life is Beautiful Festival. As The Killers from originally from Las Vegas, the festival that takes place in downtown Las Vegas have started writing their History in golden letters.

The famous band Kings of Leon also headlined the event which has treated music lovers with cracking music, scrumptious gourmet and breath-taking art. The event also includes Californian singer Beck, Vampire Weekend - who topped the US chart with their new album ‘Modern Vampires of the City' earlier this year - and Imagine Dragons.

With such incredible musicians from all walks of life, the event marks a turning point in the history of music festivals. And yet it is not all about the music. Foodies, rejoice! Their food festival is an epic occurrence in itself. Watch chefs on stage, booze tasting sessions and not to mention the 3-hour Culinary Crawls.

Life is Beautiful is an inspirational company dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams. Its signature project, the Life is Beautiful Festival was founded in 2013 and launched in October of that same year as a highly successful lifestyle event featuring marquee musicians, chefs, artists and speakers. Held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful Festival attracted more than 60,000 patrons in its first year, and is now branching out to an international online forum inspiring social change.

And there is more. The event includes an art festival which features incredible theatrics, acrobatics, dancing and a massive range of artwork, with various opportunities for both children and adults.

Life is Beautiful is an inspirational company dedicated to helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams. Its signature project, the Life is Beautiful Festival was founded in 2013 and launched in October of that same year as a highly successful lifestyle event featuring marquee musicians, chefs, artists and speakers. Held in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful Festival attracted more than 60,000 patrons in its first year, and is now branching out to an international online forum inspiring social change. - See more at:

It will be hard to top this year's line-up, but we are yet to see what Life is Beautiful Festival will surprise us with next year.



Outside Lands 2020 Music & Arts Festival

Outside Lands 2020 usa
Music, food, wine, beer, art.. The Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival turns San Francisco's historic Gold Gate Park into a cultural wonderland for two glorious summer days. The festival is held annually in August with dozens of bands and attractions. Outside Lands 2020 is on 7–9 Aug 2020 · San Francisco, California.

From singer-songwriters to DJs, jazz acts and cutting edge rock bands, all major music performances take place alongside a host of local musicians, food vendors and visual artists standing for San Francisco's throbbing cultural community.

Epic musicians such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Nine Inch Nails have rocked the festival since its foundation in 2008. Only in a few years, Outside Lands festival has become one of the ultimate summer destinations for live music, food and wine fans.

Aside from incredible music, Outside Lands also features attractions that make emphasis on food, wine and art. Festival-goers will be able to enjoy delicious food and wine from the region, since there is an awesome organic farmer's market. People can purchase tickets and sample wine from many different vendors.

There are also areas that offer separate entertainment, including a sports lounge, an arcade/bar, and various food and art vendors.

The festival is also eco-friendly and uses different strategies to do so; for instance, there are solar power stages, a refillable water program, a waste diversion program, a recycling program, and bike valet parking program. As well, the festival aims to educate the public about eco-friendly movements. The event features workshops to educate about organic food and farming. This green-conscious festival also benefits the San Francisco Recreation & Park department with an annual donation.

Coachella Festival



Since its foundation in 1999, the annual three day music and arts festival has had a knack for pulling in rock and electronic headliners. Set in Indio's desert, California, the annual three-day music and arts festival features surreal sideshows and a mountain-fringed setting that make this event the most eagerly awaited festival in the US.
Big-name international acts contrast with the friendly small town atmosphere of the event. The laid-back air of Coachella resembles that of a free hippy festival. Cafe tents stand alongside vegan food stalls. Coachella embodies the true spirit of festivals: camping, communion, music, arts and fun.

About 10,000 international music lovers head to Coachella Festival for the time of their lives. On the outskirts of the arena, Bikini-clad Californians catch the burlesque acts until vaudevillian performers splash them with gigantic water-guns.

When the sun shines, festival-goers take a time out in the shade of colourful mechanised sunflowers. Then at dusk they form circles around bonfires on the campsite and start barbecuing. That is when the alternative party begins.

If you want to be close to the performers and stay at a luxurious campsite, book early for an elegant Safari tent, which includes king beds, carpets, air-conditioning and VIP wristbands that give you access to special shuttles into the venue and backstage.

NYC Things to do in the fall


NYC Things to do in the fall

It's been a long time since Sinatra wrote his famous tune to New York, but many decades down the line, the sprawling metropolis is still the city that never sleeps. Exciting nightlife, endless festivals, world-class arts and endless joy is some of the experiences the world's most vibrant city has to offer. Here's our list to some of the things you can do in NYC in autumn.

1) Summer might be over, but a million lights still shine at night. With The Fixed, Trouble & Bass, and Bespoke posses as residents and epic DJ's as partners, Williamsburg has become New York's new clubland odyssey.
2) New York is still home to some of the best theatre and musical productions in the world. Don't miss The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee William's 1944 masterpiece, which has returned to Broadway.
3) White-clad runners get pelted with vivid paint in a unique event - The Colour Run. Known as the happiest 5k on the planet, the Colour Run is not a conventional marathon as it lacks a competitive nature and runners can take their time to cross the finish line. With more than 170 events across the country and around the world tin 2013, the Colour Run is celebrated to benefit the Global Poverty Project, among other charities. Head there for a good cause, join the runners or watch them get splashed with paint.
4) From September 17th to December 12th, put your reading goggles on and head to the New York Public Library. This autumn and winter, the famous old library hosts the semiannual reading series which welcomes venerable readers and performers, including Margaret Arwood, John Ashbery, and Toni Morrison and Junot Diaz. Even Guandia editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger will make an appearance at the event.
5) Culture heats up during fall and winter in Fort Greene during the 30th celebration of the New Wave Festival. From September 17th to December 22, Brooklyn will host this wonderful event which includes maverick shows in different art forms: music, dance, theatre and pop-culture.


Avatar Land in Disney World


Avatar Land in Disney World

If there is something that impressed everyone about Avatar was James Cameron's use of special effects of bring Pandora - the beautiful home of the blue-skinned Na'vi - to the big screen. Now Disney has taken it to the next level and is set to offer park-goers a real-life version of Pandora; an Avatar-themed attraction at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom will take visitors to the heart of this bewildering bioluminescent world in 2017.


Ever since Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger first announced plans to build an Avatar-themed area at Disney World's Animal Kingdom park in 2011, fans have been eagerly waiting to see what the project would look like.


Two years down the line, Walt Disney has recently revealed the design of the Florida-based attraction: a world of floating mountains and bioliminiscent plants. On a boat ride, guests will experience this extraordinary attraction, which will come alive with light and sounds at nighttime.


Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Tom Staggs recently unveiled the first images of what the attraction will look like during the D23 Expo at Tokyo Disney Resort in October 2013.


“All these concept renderings show in epic scale, in the world of Avatar guests will encounter awe-inspiring floating mountains and wander through a nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants that are alive with light and sound,” said Staggs in a blog post.


He added: “Guests will also discover what it feels like to soar into the sky riding a banshee.”


Walt Disney Imagineering is developing the Avatar-themed attraction alongside filmmaker Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment.


“As a I walked through the park, I kept imagining Pandora coming to life all around me and found my mind racing with all the possibilities of what we will be able to create in the years ahead,” said Cameron in 2012.


“Disney's Animal Kingdom is truly a remarkably place and I can't think of a better home for our fist Avatar experience.”



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